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Exhaust Leak Warning Signs

Your car's exhaust system plays a critical function. This system channels the harmful exhaust fumes away from the cab and out into the air. At times, the exhaust system can leak, and this can lead to an unhealthy situation.

There are certain warning signs that you will want to look for that indicate that the exhaust system might be leaking. If you hear hissing and popping noises from the exhaust, that is a sign of an exhaust leak. 


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Should You Choose Summer or All-Season Tires This Season?

When purchasing tires for a vehicle, a big concern of drivers is if they should get summer tires or all-season tires. While both tires will offer good performance, summer tires may be a better choice under certain conditions, while all-season tires also have their benefits. Come to Tim Short Mazda and speak to our automotive specialists if you have any tire-related questions or just to see what we have in our shop.

Summer tires are often referred to as performance tires because of how well they perform. Summer tires offer great traction on dry or wet roads as well as…

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How to Change a Flat Tire When You Absolutely Have To

Even though no one ever plans to get a flat tire, everyone should be prepared to change one if the situation requires it.

The process is very simple, but special care must be paid to the safety steps in the process in order to remain safe and protect your vehicle from further damage.
  • Start by securing the vehicle. Be sure to apply parking brake.
  • Locate and remove the spare tire, jack, and lug wrench.
  • While the vehicle is still on the ground, loosen the lugs.
  • Place the jack and slowly raise the vehicle. Be sure to stay clear of the…
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DIY Headlight Restoration Sometimes Works

Nighttime driving can be fun, but not when the headlights are so cloudy that visibility is diminished. You could be putting your family in danger with dim headlights, so why not restore them to a brighter state. Here are a few things you can do.

Some people use toothpaste to scrub the cloud away from headlight lenses. The trick to doing this is to apply some toothpaste to a moist cloth and scrubbing for a few minutes. Wipe this off and you should see the brightness return.

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Be Aware of These Roadside Emergency Preparation Tips

Being able to safely get through any roadside emergency all comes down to preparation. Prepare for the worst and expect the best, and you'll be in a better position to get home safe.

The mechanics in our service center at Tim Short Mazda wanted to pass on these roadside safety tips to make certain you and your family stay safe on the highway. Plan your appointment with us at 6015 International Drive today!

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Avoid the Risks of Hydroplaning with These Simple Tips

Heavy rainstorms can greatly increase your risks of an accident. Should your vehicle start to hydroplane and your tires lose contact with the road, you’ll suddenly find yourself unable to steer or brake. Far too many accidents are caused by this easily avoidable situation, so read on to learn how to keep yourself safe when driving in heavy rains.

Driving too fast or accelerating too rapidly are both common causes of hydroplaning, which is why you need to slow down and never attempt to speed up too quickly in heavy rains. As well, you also need to make sure…

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Have Your Headlights Tested Regularly

50% of deadly road accidents occur in the dark. Most of them are caused by malfunctioning headlights. Most drivers are not keen when it comes to replacement of vehicles' lights before burnout. This is entirely dangerous as it does not only risk the lives of drivers but also that of pedestrians.

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Make Sure That Your Gas Tank is Filled Throughout the Winter

When we speak about our vehicles, we want to be the most versed individuals on the planet, right? This big piece of metal has to get us from one point to the next amongst many other drivers who may not be as careful on the road as we are, but we must ensure that we are as safe as possible in all aspects. What about in the winter time, not being able to even make it to the road to start our day? What if we needed to be to work in 30 minutes and we only had 5 minutes…

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Are You Servicing Too Often?

If you've meant to get your vehicle in for service, but, you haven't had time, we may have some good news for you. If you weren't aware, the requirements to maintain vehicles have been reduced significantly. While Tim Short Mazda can certainly remind you to keep everything current, you probably have more time than you think before your next oil change. The old rule of every 3.000 miles has faded as technology has improved. Oil companies and the automotive industry agree that servicing your car any sooner than 5,000 miles can do more harm than…

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Why is Getting Windshield Wiper Fluid Important?

The worst thing that could happen this winter is driving in bad weather and not being able to see out the windshield because your washer fluid is frozen. Most drivers are still riding around with water in the washer tank, and it is freezing on that first cold night. Here is why you have to make the switch to windshield wiper fluid before it gets colder.

If water is still inside the washer tank, what is going to happen is at the freezing point, water in the lines and tank will freeze solid. In addition to blocking water to getting…

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