What Brake Pads Do And How To Choose The Best Ones For Your Vehicle

Most Chattanooga drivers recognize the tell-tale sound of worn brake pads. Although brake pads are relatively inexpensive, letting them become too worn or replacing them with the wrong options can result in serious consequences. At Tim Short Mazda, we want you to know all that you can about your car's braking system, and about the different components that this system is comprised of.

What Brake Pads Are Designed To Do

In vehicles that have disc brakes, brake pads minimize the amount of wear that metal components sustain by acting as buffers between the spinning rotors and the brake calipers. By limiting heat and friction during stopping motions, these components can prevent significant damages throughout the braking system. Given that they're used regularly, you can expect your brake pads to wear down at fairly regular intervals. Although the very best brake pads are built for durability, the parts are never meant to last forever.

How To Choose The Right Brake Pads For Your Car

​Among the top factors to consider when choosing brake pads is the type of vehicle you drive, and the type and amount of driving that you intend to do. For small-sized commuter cars, semi-metallic pads are usually the right choice. At a fairly nominal cost, these options can limit dust and noise, while offering the necessary amount of protection. Conversely, larger cars and SUVs may require ceramic brake pads. To get help with your automotive maintenance, or to learn more about your car's braking system, come see us at Tim Short Mazda today.


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