Enjoy the Mazda3's Hatchback Version

While cars provide transportation, they should also be fun to drive. The Mazda3 5-Door fits that description, and we proudly offer it to you at Tim Short Mazda. Routinely, we receive positive remarks about its design at our Chattanooga facility.

Mazda built this popular hatchback to cut through the air. Its curves will make you think it's constantly in motion. The well-established auto builder accentuates that effect by coating the Mazda3 5-Door in paint that richly glistens. You'll find your favorite shade among Mazda's paint spectrum for this car. It contains five standard colors and a one hue you can access through a premium package.

Every available Mazda3 5-Door shade pairs nicely with the dashing hatchback's black grille and rear spoiler. The shiny coating seems to drip from these design features. To further spark your imagination, Mazda delivers this vehicle on matte-finished, 18-inch wheels. These alloy components deliver the Mazda3 5-Door's fierceness to any road you travel.


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