As a popular hatchback, the Mazda3 5-door offers an impressive range of cutting-edge design features. This car is ideal for Chattanooga drivers seeking convenience, comfort, and an enhanced driving experience. At Tim Short Mazda, we want to help shoppers explore all that this stylish vehicle has to offer.

An Aesthetically Beautiful Lighting Design That Allows For Enhanced Visibility

The recently redesigned Mazda3 5-door comes with a signature LED lighting scheme that includes LED combination taillights and headlights, and daytime running lights. The included lamps offer increased visibility and efficiency. They also blend seamlessly into the car's overall look.

Experience An Incredibly Quiet Interior

?The interior of this car is designed to promote exceptional driving. Drivers and their passengers can expect a quiet environment that keeps them connected to the road while minimizing wind noise and other unnecessary sounds. This also creates the perfect space for occupants to fully appreciate their music or any other entertainment that they enjoy while traveling. Take the Mazda3 for a test drive by visiting Tim Short Mazda today.


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