Should I Have My Battery Serviced or Replaced?

Diagnosing the problem behind a misbehaving battery is a good idea because the cause of your problem may not even be the battery itself. If there's corrosion on the battery's posts, that will inhibit its proper functioning. A faulty alternator or starter could also be the reason your engine isn't turning over, not the battery.

Once you've ruled out other factors, a problematic battery can sometimes still be saved. If it's the kind of battery you can open and it just needs topping up, filling it to the appropriate level with distilled water might fix the problem. A knowledgeable mechanic in Chattanooga, TN will be able to tell you if your battery still has a little life in it or not. If you do need a replacement and your car is fairly young, investing in a long-lasting lithium battery might be the right choice.

You can bring your vehicle right to Tim Short Mazda in Chattanooga if you have any concerns about your battery and need it inspected or serviced.


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