Why Does My Car Grind When it Starts?

If your car is grinding or you hear a whining noise when you put the key in the ignition, it might be time to have your starter replaced. Even if the car still starts after several tries, these symptoms are a sign of future failure. Having your starter fixed by a professional in Chattanooga, TN is inexpensive unless you ignore the problems.

When your engine is making a grinding sound, it means the gear is worn out and is not engaging. If this continues, you could damage the engine flywheel, and this could be costly. The grinding noise will not go away, and the result is predictable. The starter is a part that wears out over time, so sooner or later, the car will need to have one replaced.

If your car is talking to you, take it to Tim Short Mazda for a starter replacement as soon as possible. Our Mazda service specialists can take care of your starter and your other auto service needs while you are here.


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