Mazda MX-5 Miata RF Design Features

Sports car lovers are enjoying the new Mazda Miata MX-5 RF. US News & World Report stated that the Miata is ranked number one for its increased performance, handling, and interior. The new designs include a more powerful engine, and while it’s not as powerful as some luxury sports cars, the power is relative to the weight of the Miata. As a two-seater, this top sports really zips along highways and gets excellent gas mileage.

You’ll love the exterior of the new Miata which is sleek and sporty. In addition, the Mazda Miata RF is ranked number one in convertibles as well. At the base, you’ll get 181 horsepower, which is an upgrade from the previous year, which only had 150 horsepower. The exterior styling is also something to revel. With aerodynamic styling, new head lamps, and a fancy grill, the Miata MX-5 is simply one of the better, faster sports cars on the road today.

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