Upgrade to Comfort in the Mazda3

The Mazda3 sedan has received an upgrade from previous models. It has more room inside so that it's comfortable to ride in or drive. You'll also be pleased to discover that the materials have been upgraded to feature more leather details. All of the seats in the sedan provide the support that is needed when you're riding for long distances or even for short trips.

When you're navigating curves, you'll notice that the handling has improved in the sedan. There's also a bit more power on takeoff while still offering the fuel efficiency that you expect from a car of this size.

If the Mazda3 is on your list of vehicles to choose from, then consider talking to Tim Short Mazda about upgrading to the Select package so that you have more amenities in the car. These include a better sound system, more options for mobile devices, and an upgrade to the seating.



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