DIY Headlight Restoration Sometimes Works

Nighttime driving can be fun, but not when the headlights are so cloudy that visibility is diminished. You could be putting your family in danger with dim headlights, so why not restore them to a brighter state. Here are a few things you can do.

Some people use toothpaste to scrub the cloud away from headlight lenses. The trick to doing this is to apply some toothpaste to a moist cloth and scrubbing for a few minutes. Wipe this off and you should see the brightness return.

You can even purchase a DIY headlight cleaning kit from an automotive supply store and follow the instructions using the abrasives and chemicals to smooth away the dullness.

If you fail to see the desired results from these DIY techniques, you can always bring your car to Tim Short Mazda and let our professionals restore your headlights. Don't forget that we do other repairs and maintenance too.
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