Should You Choose Summer or All-Season Tires This Season?

When purchasing tires for a vehicle, a big concern of drivers is if they should get summer tires or all-season tires. While both tires will offer good performance, summer tires may be a better choice under certain conditions, while all-season tires also have their benefits. Come to Tim Short Mazda and speak to our automotive specialists if you have any tire-related questions or just to see what we have in our shop.

Summer tires are often referred to as performance tires because of how well they perform. Summer tires offer great traction on dry or wet roads as well as hot roads. All-season tires offer the best performance in other conditions, such as icy and snow-covered roads.

We offer a full line of tires for all vehicles and driving conditions. Additionally, we offer automotive services and supplies. Pay us a visit at our dealership and let us take care of your vehicle.



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