Have Your Headlights Tested Regularly

50% of deadly road accidents occur in the dark. Most of them are caused by malfunctioning headlights. Most drivers are not keen when it comes to replacement of vehicles' lights before burnout. This is entirely dangerous as it does not only risk the lives of drivers but also that of pedestrians.

It is, therefore, an essential task to test the car's headlights as this will play a significant role in the prevention of road accidents. Visit our team at Tim Short Mazda for comprehensive services to keep you on the safer side. During headlight testing, the car is subjected to the following approaches:

  • • Gradual right and left curves (800-foot radius)
  • • 500-foot radius sharp right and left curves
  • • Straight-aways

The above procedures will reveal any deformity in the vehicle's headlights. Visit seasoned mechanics, e.g., those working here in Chattanooga for the measurement of vehicle headlight's glare to ensure that it falls to the recommended levels. The safety of other oncoming cars will, therefore, be promoted.

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