Make Sure That Your Gas Tank is Filled Throughout the Winter

When we speak about our vehicles, we want to be the most versed individuals on the planet, right? This big piece of metal has to get us from one point to the next amongst many other drivers who may not be as careful on the road as we are, but we must ensure that we are as safe as possible in all aspects. What about in the winter time, not being able to even make it to the road to start our day? What if we needed to be to work in 30 minutes and we only had 5 minutes to warm the car, and it didn’t start? Talk about a big disappointment!

To prevent our vehicles from not starting due to a simple solution like filling our gas tank is an issue too simple to ignore. Plenty of drivers in the Chattanooga area have been a victim, and you do not have to fall in the same suit. Always fill your tank before allowing it to sit overnight in freezing temperature because moisture builds up in empty tanks and moisture can freeze, but gas will not. If moisture in a gas tank freezes, this blocks the flow of gas to the engine.

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