Be Aware of These Roadside Emergency Preparation Tips

Being able to safely get through any roadside emergency all comes down to preparation. Prepare for the worst and expect the best, and you'll be in a better position to get home safe.

  • Never leave the scene of the emergency until police have been notified and arrive.
  • If a stranger pulls over to offer assistance, talk through your window with doors locked and allow them to call for help too.
  • Never leave the car on the road after a tire blows out. Ride the rim to the shoulder; it won't damage the rim.
  • If you have road flares in the trunk, place them several hundred feet down the road from oncoming traffic so these drivers can see the trouble and take appropriate action to avoid hitting you.

The mechanics in our service center at Tim Short Mazda wanted to pass on these roadside safety tips to make certain you and your family stay safe on the highway. Plan your appointment with us at 6015 International Drive today!

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