Avoid the Risks of Hydroplaning with These Simple Tips

Heavy rainstorms can greatly increase your risks of an accident. Should your vehicle start to hydroplane and your tires lose contact with the road, you’ll suddenly find yourself unable to steer or brake. Far too many accidents are caused by this easily avoidable situation, so read on to learn how to keep yourself safe when driving in heavy rains.

Driving too fast or accelerating too rapidly are both common causes of hydroplaning, which is why you need to slow down and never attempt to speed up too quickly in heavy rains. As well, you also need to make sure your cruise control remains off whenever the road is wet since this can also cause you to instantly hydroplane and lose all control.

Bald tires or worn tread is also a contributing factor in many accidents caused by hydroplaning. This is yet another reason why it is essential to regularly check your tires and have them replaced whenever they start looking bare.

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