Mazda Service at Your Dealership

When you get a new vehicle, it is important that you take care of your investment. Whether you are leasing or buying, getting routine maintenance and repairs done at your local dealership is important. It might be tempting to shop around at other auto service centers in the area, but we want to make sure you and your vehicle are well taken care of here at Tim Short Mazda.

The technicians and mechanics that we hire at our dealership are training to be experts on Mazda cars and SUVs. Your vehicle will be taken care of at our facility. We want to make sure your budget is protected. If something is under warranty, we will fix it free of charge for you. Many shops don't deal with vehicle warranties.

If you need something as simple as an oil change done or you need more extensive work done on your vehicle, stop by our Mazda service center in Chattanooga, TN so we can help you!

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