Halloween Safety Measures to Consider

Halloween should be fun for adults and kids. It's that time we visit others for candy. We travel door to door in areas we might not be accustomed to. Here are several safety tips to consider when trick-or-treating this year

Travel in Groups

It is safer in numbers. Vehicles can spot seven kids easier than they spot two. Larger groups are always a great idea for Halloween. There is strength in numbers.

Adult Supervision Is Still A Big Deal

At least one adult should accompany trick-or-treating kids. It's important to have someone to give directions. The adult can tell kids which houses to visit. The adult can also keep kids from crossing streets without looking.

Use The Sidewalk

You should always use the sidewalk when going out for Halloween. It's the safest way to steer clear of traffic. You can visit areas with sidewalks if your area doesn't have them.

Flashlights Are Helpful

Flashlights can be helpful for kids. You don't want to shine these in houses or at cars. It's important to use these as instruments to watch your step. You should generally point these down as you walk. These are just a few Halloween safety tips. Our dealership wishes you and your family the best Halloween. Stop by Tim Short Mazda in Chattanooga, TN to find a spooktacular ride today!

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