Don't forget the importance of tire care

Continually measuring your car tire tread depth is an essential undertaking. Being safe on the road requires that you always check the condition of your automobile as this may easily mean the difference between safe travel and a perilous journey.

Tires are the only part of your car that comes into contact with the road surface, and ensuring that they are in a perfect state is crucial since road conditions may change abruptly.

Treads ensure that water is diverted away so that it does not remain in contact with the tire surface long enough to interfere with traction. You can easily know when your treads are worn out by paying attention and checking in on your tires regularly.

In case you need a professional checkup of your car tire treads, visit us here at Tim Short Mazda in Chattanooga. Our personnel will help you to understand more that is associated with car tire maintenance and make sure we take care of all your needs.

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