The Difference Between All Wheel Drive and 4 Wheel Drive

Most of us grew up hearing the term 4-wheel drive, or 4WD for short, and have grown to associate it with large trucks and off-road vehicles. Over the last 20 years a new term “All-wheel drive”, or AWD, has been popping up more and more. What is the difference?

All-wheel drive basically means all 4 wheels are being driven at all times. There may be a difference in the distribution of power between front and rear, but all the wheels are still being driven. AWD is normally available on passenger cars and crossovers, for a little extra grip whether it be due to snow or for performance.

4WD is normally on large trucks and is selectable to either drive all 4 wheels or drive in 2 for the economy. 4WD is mainly used for off-roading and is offered on Trucks and Sports Utilities.

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