Do You Know About Tennessee’s Slow Down & Move Over Laws?

Many of us have been driving along, either to the store or on our daily commute to or from work, and have seen a roadside worker repairing a sign or a part of the road. Most of us have also seen a law enforcement officer in the process of a traffic stop. Many drivers may end up unknowingly break a traffic law as well as endanger the lives of these workers or officers.

Every state in America has what is known as a Slow Down & Move Over law that is meant to help provide additional safety for roadside workers and law enforcement officers. Just as the name of the law suggests, drivers are legally required to reduce their speed and, if able, move over into another lane away from the roadside whenever these workers or officers are present and doing their jobs.

Awareness is so low, and all of us here at Tim Short Mazda want to help make sure drivers know the law.

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