Are You Servicing Too Often?

If you've meant to get your vehicle in for service, but, you haven't had time, we may have some good news for you. If you weren't aware, the requirements to maintain vehicles have been reduced significantly. While Tim Short Mazda can certainly remind you to keep everything current, you probably have more time than you think before your next oil change. The old rule of every 3.000 miles has faded as technology has improved. Oil companies and the automotive industry agree that servicing your car any sooner than 5,000 miles can do more harm than good.

You're probably wondering how this could be. It's simple; oil creates pollution, and, your vehicle shouldn't have its inner workings exposed unnecessarily. Giving up the 3,000-mile habit seems easy. However, many studies indicate that we're having our vehicles serviced too often.

If you're uncertain, you can certainly give us a call, or get online and schedule an appointment today.

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